Consequence and Sorrow

Julian Bludd Report 002 - Sanctuary Rock

Matters Concerning Innsmouth Isle

To: Gregor Dovoshev

Matter: Innsmouth Isle

Master, I have encountered something beyond bizarre. I will recount my reasons for contacting you on that odd matter of possession from before. I was teaching one of my various philosophy classes when I had noticed an elderly woman attending who was not one of my usual students. She elected to approach me after class and apparently had some great concerns that her granddaughter was being possessed by some demonic force. I must admit I was a little taken aback if only because I wasn't expecting it but it seems I was her latest attempt to get help as many of my classes at times can dive in the metaphysical.

It was not the most assuring, considering the woman may just have been a superstitious sleeper. My concern grew when she started to talk about her daughter floating and other odd activity. She did not seem the type to be leading me into some sort of prank or game, far too concerned over her granddaughter's situation. Admittedly the Technocratic Union doesn't seem to be very active in this area, so I wasn't considering her a possible plant. Perhaps I should have, but in the end I elected to explore the situation. I returned to my home, called upon a local fellow Tradition member and we went to look into the matter. Oddly it would seem the party I brought, an Etherite, was the right choice for what was upon us soon enough.

The journey to the isle of Innsmouth was rather uneventful, leaving me rather wary of its appearance if only with the earlier mentioned possession. The isle evokes visions born out of the likes of Lovecraft, windswept but surprisingly supporting of life. We found the isle had a lighthouse along with some sparse farmland and even livestock. There is only one home on this isle and it belongs to the family that had invited me there. We entered the home and began simple examination while interviewing the family.

The subject in question, a young lady in her 20s, seemed to not be aware of any such odd behavior. She even seemed quite annoyed at the fact her grandmother had bothered us enough to drag us out here. Her father was the same but seemed to just be putting up with his mother's concern. I should note that this family has been occupying this isle for some time, much to my surprise. More so they seem to have always found a spouse whom came to live with them. I believe I know why now, but will go into further detail in a bit.

For the time being, the girl went back up to her room while we continued to try to gather details. More so we went about gathering an appraisal of forces at work. While trying to probe the girl's mind better, something pointedly denied deeper inspection and asserted a light mental assault against me. It was at this point obviously that I took the grandmother's concern fully to heart and was glad I had brought additional aid in the matter. We inspected the room of the girl present and talked with her more before things began to get more bizarre. The books were starting to move on her shelf, but the girl seemed utterly oblivious to it. This was as her grandmother had noted, seeming to be the only one aware of what was happening.

The chaos that ensued was very trying but we soon came upon the culprit. An astral entity was attempting to bind itself to her. More so it was apparently the remnants of her passed great grandfather who was a craftsman. He apparently was of the Etherites before they fully became what they are today. We attempted to halt the merger, unaware of its true purpose and the girl was injured during the process. The link was found to be a radio with a maker's mark of the pre-Etherite. It was built surely as one might from my associates inspection.

We initially dismantled the radio and began investigating the workshop of the creator. It was while I was checking on the granddaughter that apparently my ally apparently reactivated the damnable radio device and the process was aggressively accelerated. The entity merged and apparently by doing so forcibly triggered an awakening in the girl. She was physically restored from the trauma afflicted upon her and remained unconscious for three days. During that time, my Etherite associate explored the island and dismantled several pieces of tech to uncover that the island itself was being infused with Life energy to sustain what was there. There may have been more, but that is all he found or talked about. I did not press the issue as machines are not something I undertand as he would.

Upon waking, the girl spoke with us, intoning that she had taken in the spark of her family. Apparently this was a practice to pass it down from one to the next along with all the knowledge and experience. Her new grasp of magick was quite apparent but she lacks significantly the understanding of the Reality War. She also is likely not of Etherite practice herself and has accepted our offers of aid and friendship. If nothing else, I can keep keep an eye on her and teach her the ways of the Traditions even if she does not become a Hermetic. I have deemed it better to prepare her for the possible interest and approach of the Union, so as to guard her against it better. The island seems set to provide for the family for some odd reason, up to perhaps even drawing in a viable mate/spouse of the occupant and allowing the family to continue on. Some of this is just theory but I will investigate more into the matter.

There is little visual data to provide at this time but I hope the report has provided some insight into my contact at the time.

Your student,

Julian Bludd, PhD.



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